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Obviously whoever read the email (human or robot) misunderstood my question. I next tried the online chat function and that was more helpful. While the person was a bit slow to respond. I think the final answer is probably accurate: I see that your device is running on Android version 5. 0, Lollipop which is ccleaner пароли удаляется with the mirror link 1.

There is no alternate option to load the 1. 0 version on your phone. And I also contacted the mirrorlink website. Here's their response: We are sorry to hear you are having problems. Activating MirrorLink. Please understand that the Car Connectivity Consortium cannot provide. Support services for specific products.

The Consortium creates and develops the MirrorLink specifications that manufacturers like Samsung. And Subaru use to create products. However, once those products are sold on the commercial market.

It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to provide the necessary technical support to consumers. The CCC does not have the ability to provide these services. To consumers. For the current MirrorLink Certified Product Listing please visit https:cert. mirrorlink. comProductListing. Best regards, CCC Administration So, at this point I'm thinking I'm out. Of luck until Subaru does some sort of update. Hopefully they'll get mirrorlink working soon, or a similar functioning alternative, like Android.

Auto. I've seen that Subaru said they are working with Android Auto, but so. Far I don't believe they have implemented it on any of their cars.

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