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MARUSYA There's no use to worry at all, All I have to do is call: Stand before me, Frol ccleaner 4.17 для windows 7 Tit, Get immediately what we need.

(Marusya claps her hands, and two burly fellows appear in front of her. ) Do you hear what I say. Go and do it without delay. (A short silence. ) FELLOWS Sorry, mistress, we resign For it's out of our line. If we had a sketch or drawing, We could work it out fine!. There's no use to search like this, We won't venture, don't insist, Where is it, something unreal.

Something that does not exist. There's no ccleaner besplatno to scout around For. The thing that can't be found. MARUSYA Darling, don't be hard on me, I can't help it, as you see, Nothing doing, you will have To search for it yourself, my love. When abroad don't make a sin, Keep your mind and body clean, Do not enter conversations, And don't strike up an acquaintance.

Take care, dear, don't go astray, Keep from empty troubles away, Eat sour cream and cottage cheese. Think about your health, that is. FEDOT You don't need to have a fright, Everything will be all. Right, I shall carry the task out And return home safe and sound. Don't lose heart while I'm away, Water flowers every day, There's a tambour, a balalaika, You can do the needlework or play.

Should somebody bother you, You know well what you. Can do, I don't have to teach you, dear, The frying pan is over here. JOKER Soldier Fedot had left abroad. When the General learnt that he went totally mad. He rushed to the court to report that it was the end. Of Soldier Fedot. The god damn General had even made a hole in. His coat for the medal he hadn't yet got. TSAR Tell me good or bad news, It must be the bare truth, Which I know is never nice, Yet it's better than sweet lies.

However, if the news you've got Is something like I don't know what, I can tell you, you'll be jailed For ten years, you mark my word. GENERAL Your majesty, let me report: At break of day Soldier Fedot Set of"on a mission voyage, We've got rid of him, thank God.

May the scoundrel rove the seas, A good lesson to him it is.

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